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Going Mental

Dec 23, 2017

Neal and Morgan talk about the *craziness* of the holiday season, and y’know, other stuff like gendered legos and how bad we’re all fucked up by today’s world, regardless of personal politics. More on BJ Miller, the man whose near-death story we told but name we never said last week, plus we introduce a new...

Dec 20, 2017

Morgan makes excuses for why this week's episode is late, and then goes on a tangent about language surrounding mental health. (Stop calling everyone a sociopath!)

We'll be back tomorrow with our very special "Surviving the Holidays" episode.

Dec 13, 2017

Morgan and Neal are joined by Dan Brown, an old friend and author of "The Great Expectations School." They discuss the California fires and how natural disaster prep messes with everyone's stress and panic levels, but especially those predisposed to anxiety. 

Then it's a talk about email efficiency and we've got tips...

Dec 6, 2017

Morgan and Neal discuss parenting with mental illness.

They focus on the problems that come from projecting your mental health issue onto your young child. Then they talk about how being a parent gives you extra motivation to work on your mental health.

Morgan also tells the thrilling story of "Poo Door Man."

If you are...